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Hey there! I’m Marius Signorello, a personal trainer living in Fresno, California.


I've always been passionate about fitness. Playing sports when I was younger, competitive swimming in high school and now building my ideal physique. You could say fitness is a huge part of my life, because it is. That's why I decided to become a personal trainer, so I can share that passion and drive that I have to improve myself and put it it work for you.


"You could say fitness is a huge part of my life, because it is."


I would love to help you achieve your potential! Contact me today and we can get you on the right path towards Destiny.





Why personal training?


Personal training is perfect for you if you have goals that you want to reach but just don't know how to tackle them, want to change up your workouts or take your training to the next level. I customize each and every session to your needs and preferences, teach you proper technique and give you the tools for healthy habits both inside and out of the gym. All sessions are 60 minutes and include measurements, the workout itself and closure to maximize results. Start with a free consultation today and choose a flexible option for your sessions later.


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